Beautiful Clear Lid Gift Boxes & Window Boxes

We have in stock a wide range of window gift boxes – also known as half clear boxes or clear lid boxes. These clear lid boxes are available with next day delivery if you need them quickly.

As well as our clear lid boxes – we also have several totally clear gift boxes in various styles – clear round boxes, clear oval boxes, clear gift boxes and clear pillow boxes. All of which are perfect for displaying your products in a retail environment as they protect your products from the elements such as dust, and from curious hands!

Not only can you use these clear or half clear gift boxes in your shop, but they are also perfect packaging for exhibitions and craft fairs. Some of our customers also like using clear packaging for promotional and product launch events.

We recently did a case study on our Clear Lid Boxes so you can see how one of our customers use these gift boxes in real life: Case Study: Ness Soaps >

Clear Lid Gift Boxes

Card base gift boxes with a totally clear lid. Arrive flat for storage and easy to assemble in seconds.

  • Product Code: HA4
  • Product Code: HA4K
  • Product Code: HA5
  • Product Code: HA5KR

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Kraft Window Boxes

Tapered gift boxes with a window that arrives flat, but with a simple squeeze these window gift boxes take their shape.

  • Product Code: SPACK1
  • Product Code: SWB1

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Cake Boxes with Windows

Certified Food Safe windowed cake boxes.

  • Product Code: SKC1
  • Product Code: WW884
  • Product Code: WW104
  • Product Code: WW124

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Cupcake and Muffin Boxes with Windows

  • Product Code: cc1
  • Product Code: CC3
  • Product Code: CC4
  • Product Code: cc5

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Clear Plastic Domes

  • Product Code: D1
  • Product Code: D1SAMPLE

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