How much do custom printed boxes cost?

How much do custom printed boxes cost?

A question we are asked so often, and in fact there are many factors which can influence the cost of bespoke packaging, or custom printed packaging materials.

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This is of course the first question you might think of when first approaching the idea of personalising an unbranded box. However there are many factors which could influence the price of custom printed bags and printed boxes, we have picked a few which can have the most impact to help you on your journey for more personalised packaging, and producing the best first impression to your customers. Take a look at our recent article on making a great first impression to your customers : So much more than a box

Selecting the type of box you want

There are many options for boxes, for example they can not only vary in size, but also density and strength. That’s also not forgetting the design such as hinged lid, self locking style boxes for example. So whether you are looking for a corrugated die cut mailer box, or two piece rigid paperboard it is often very helpful to have an idea of styles of something you have seen elsewhere to show us.

Your logo and design requirements

When you send your artwork over to our team we can usually get a very quick gauge on the type of printing you require. Whether you need a single colour print, multiple colours, or of course foil printing. It is also worth considering whether you would like a simple logo placed on your packaging, or whether you require an all over design. Another consideration is whether you will be just printing on the outside, or maximising the space available by printing on the inside also.

We have helped a wide range of customers with their packaging needs. As a case study, we designed and produced the boxes that this company uses to package and dispatch kiln dried logs. We had to make the box extremely sturdy to compensate for the high weight (over 20kg) of the logs that go into the box. We helped Firewood Farm create their own bespoke solution that helped their brand succeed.

Knowing the size of the box you need

This can often be a tricky question, particularly for sellers with multiple products available of various sizes. Customers can often tend to lean towards larger packaging to cover all bases, however this can often lead to higher costs. Not just for the material to produce the packaging, and the die cut machines to do so, but also in filling the parcels themselves as well as shipping costs. In picking the right size boxes you could save a small fortune in postage alone. We always tend to air on the side of caution on this subject and often advise our customers of this.

Quantities of branded packaging

It stands to reason, that after set up costs are taken into consideration, the more branded packages you buy, the cost will inevitably go down per unit. We estimate that when you switch from 1,000 to 2,000 custom printed boxes you can save on average around 10-15%, change that to 3 to 4,000 and you can save even more.

Thinking outside the Box

It always helps to have an idea of the types of boxes you are looking for, and so by adding anything that has caught your eye and adding it to a mood board it will most definitely help us narrow down the type of packaging you will need.

With regards to styling and logos, if you are able to share this with us prior to our first conversation then this will help us also, and of course if you have in house designers who will want templates to fill with your design then we can help with this too.

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Step 1. Get in touch with our custom packaging experts

Simply fill in the form and we will be in touch, provide us with as much detail as you can about your requirements and we can take it from there. Our experts have over 100 years of packaging expertise between them, and are here to help you find the best packaging options for your business at the very best prices available.

If you are looking into bespoke packaging or custom printed packaging then we can’t wait to hear from you!


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