How to make your own Christmas Hamper

It’s nearly that time of year again!

A personalised hamper is perfect for the hard to buy for people in your life. We have put together some ideas plus an essential Bag ‘n’ Box man shopping list to help you get organised before the festive season begins. Where sometimes pre-made gift hampers can seem a little impersonal and often over priced, they also take the fun out of hand selecting, making and compiling gifts into your own gift hamper. A well thought out, personalised hamper is always going to top a pre-packed one.

To make your hamper a success you need to plan

Firstly, who is your hamper for?

What do they like, do they have a hobby, are you buying for a dreaded teenager?

How will you theme your hamper?

It is relatively straight forward if you are buying for a specific occasion such as new baby, wedding, or get well soon. If it is for Birthdays or Christmas then you can choose to be more generic with your gifts or pick a theme your recipient will love.

Some great hamper theme ideas include:

Foodie / Baking / Alcohol / Gardening

Sweet treats / Spa day/night / Movie night / Tea or coffee

Sports and fitness / Gamer/ Family time

Now you know who you are buying for, and you have picked your theme it’s time to get creative, have some fun, and put the joy back into gifting. The great thing about picking a theme for your hamper is it is easy to pick one or two main items and then pad them out with stocking stuffers and smaller gifts. It is also a great way to turn your gift into an experience. For example, a family time theme could include a board game or a movie suitable for all ages, some tasty treats, and hot chocolate for the family to all enjoy together.

We have a wide range of corrugated boxes, boxes with windows, shredded corrugated cardboard and wooden wool for padding your items out, displaying and transporting them safely. We also have a range of cellophane bags for homemade treats, and gift boxes for the items which are just too awkward to wrap.

Make Your Own Hamper Shopping list

To make things easier, the team at Bag ‘n’ Box Man and have put together a list of some of our top picks, and a shopping list of essentials to help wrap up your Christmas in style!

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  • Product Code: XZ92
  • Product Code: GPGOLD
  • Product Code: SHRED1
  • Product Code: TRAY1
  • Product Code: woodwool
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  • Product Code: NB222
  • Product Code: TAG/BUFF
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