Polystyrene V's Cardboard

When it comes to packaging your food, you can’t afford to get it wrong!


When it comes to food boxes, the choices are endless really…

Do you go with cardboard? Easy to recycle and easy to stack flat, saving you valuable space if you are running a catering van with limited space.

Maybe you prefer the cardboard option, this is always going to be more expensive than something like EPS Polystyrene. But the plus side for the Polystyrene boxes is they are really, really cheap to buy and therefore if you are running a food business it keeps down your overheads and increases your profit margins.

There are people who say that they dont like eating out of Polystyrene food boxes as they feel it affects the taste of the food! On the other hand grease etc can easily leak through cardboard.

So whats the best option to go for?

No one can really answer that question, it will all depend on what sort of food you are planning to sell, what the perception of the customer will be for cardboard or polystyrene and how much it affects the end cost of your product.

What we sell

To make it easier for you, we have the following products in stock:

We can also supply Printed Pizza Boxes with your own design

Printed Pizza Box

We also have a huge range of food safe bags, so if you dont need something as substantial as a box, maybe a foil lined bag or a greaseproof bag may suit what you need at a fraction of the price.


Check out our bags section for full details

If you need any samples or help with your decision just pop us an email and we will gladly help.

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