Royal Mail Large Letter Size Boxes

We have a lot of customers asking us what boxes we sell that are within the Post Office’s regulations on Large Letter sizes. So, we’ve made a list!

What are the Royal Mail Large Letter Size Dimensions?

A large letter sized box can be no larger than 353 x 250 x 25mm, and weigh no more than 750 grammes.

Please note, due to the manufacturing process, there may be a very slight variation of size. It is strongly suggested you order a sample and check it yourself.

Royal Mail Large Letter Size Compatible Boxes

These boxes fit within the permitted size as allowed by Royal Mail.

  • Product Code: W11
  • Product Code: W21
  • Product Code: W41
  • Product Code: W43
  • Product Code: A5BOXW
  • Product Code: A5BOXK
  • Product Code: A6BOXW
  • Product Code: A6BOXK

We can also make boxes to your requirements! Our custom made packaging and printing section has everything you need.

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