What Are Cartons?

Cartons! The name that means different things to different people – but strictly speaking it is a box which is produced to fold flat, saving costly storage space. The carton is made mostly out of Card or Corrugated Cardboard or PVC (all recyclable). Cartons are generally pre-glued and are easy to fold together.

Carton – definition from Wikipedia:

A carton is a box or container usually made of paperboard and sometimes of corrugated fiberboard. Many types of cartons are used in packaging. Sometimes a carton is also called a box.

Above: Our Economy Range of cartons

This article was written to explain the different types of cartons that we have in stock. There really is a wide variety and you might be surprised by their versatility!

Usually associated with the more economy type of box, even though this may be true, it does not mean that they always look cheap. We have a few ranges of boxes that many high-end makers and retailers use because of their price, and also because of their looks!

Types of Cartons

As mentioned before, they can be made from card or cardboard or PVC. We have the following in stock:

Types of Closures

Carton closures are varied.

Carton Box Closures

Plain flaps as the name suggests – have no closing mechanism and need to be kept shut using tape, both top and bottom.

Tuck-in ends are two plain flaps followed by a larger flap which tucks over and in, often with locking slots. Could be top, or top and bottom closure. Can be taped shut for extra security.

Tuck-in ends with locking tab. As above but with a locking tab. Locking tabs are normally on the top opening along with an envelope closure on the bottom.

Tongue & lock ends are two small plain flaps, then one larger flap with slots in and the other larger flap with “tongues” that fit into the slots. Top and bottom closure. Can be taped shut for extra security.

Envelope closure – mainly used as a closure for the bottom of a carton.

Most of the time, working out of how to close a carton is fairly logical, with the manner of closing being quite self-evident & simple.

Case Studies

Our customers use our amazing boxes because of their looks, not despite them! The price is also very important and we as a company are proud to offer our cartons at the price we do. See how our customers have used their cartons as gift boxes to really make their products stand out:

  • Case for Cooking

  • Home Counties Candles

  • ZoraLou Organics

  • Emma Cory Designs

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