Heavy Item Packaging


      Wholesale Boxes and Wrapping for Heavy Items

      If you’re looking for tough packaging to keep heavy items safe and contained during shipping, our range of corrugated boxes is designed to cushion, protect and support heavy products. We also offer packaging materials such as bubble wrap and astro foam to keep your tougher products from causing damage to the box and taking damage from accidental impacts. We offer wholesale and bulk deals on our packaging, so if you’re in the market for bulk packaging for heavy objects, look no further than our selection of corrugated cardboard and bubble wrap.

      Wholesale corrugated boxes for supporting heavy items

      When looking for boxes for heavy items, cardboard strength is integral to the safety of your products during shipping and transportation. That’s why we offer sturdy corrugated cardboard boxes strengthened to hold their shape when subjected to weight pressure. Our boxes come in all shapes and sizes and are also customisable, allowing you to find the perfect box for every product. Cardboard is also fully recyclable and biodegradable, making our boxes a fantastic eco-friendly option for your business.

      Cushioning your heavy products: bubble wrap, astro foam and corrugated cardboard rolls

      Heavy products are at risk during transit, either from falling, bumping against other items or breaking through their packaging. When buying packaging for heavy items, you’ll want to consider cushioning options to minimise movement in the box and absorb any heavier blows your package may take. We offer a range of options to keep your items safe, such as traditional bubble wrap and astro foam, and if you’re looking for eco-friendly options we also offer corrugated cardboard sheets in rolls easy to cut and size to your needs.

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