12 great cheats and life hacks for your home kitchen

Do you want to have better kitchen supplies that you can get from your local supermarket, but cheaper?

You don’t have to have an account with us or own a professional kitchen to benefit from our product range. We do not have a minimum order restriction either!

We supply many cafés, restaurants, takeaways, and other food producers with catering and janitorial supplies, and you can order these products direct from us yourselves and benefit from longer lasting, better quality and better priced products.

Most of our items are much cheaper than supermarkets – even Aldi! And whilst we don’t do a price comparisson service we do keep an eye on the supermarkets and see how much cheaper we are. We will update this page one day with some comparisson prices!

Use these products to make your life easier

Not only are our prices better, but the quality is too – and the pack sizes and roll lengths being bigger mean that you get far more value for money.

Having been a chef, and still love cooking at home, I will show you which products I personally buy that I absolutely swear by. I do not buy any of this from supermarkets any more – it feels like I have a professional kitchen at home!

Cling Film, Tin Foil, and Baking Parchment

This is exactly what professional chefs use. The quality is so much better than supermarket bought and any one of these rolls, if you’re an average user like me, will last you about a year.

Buy Cling Film, Tin Foil, and Baking Parchment >

  • Product Code: FILM12Y
  • Product Code: FOIL12Y
  • Product Code: PARCH12

Microwave Containers

I love cooking, and when I cook too much, whether intentionally or accidentally I always have a supply of these to hand. They are simply amazing. Slightly better quality than you would get from your local takeaway – unless your local takeaway buys these from us in which case you are in luck! You can use them in the fridge, freezer and microwave.

Top Tip: I also use these in my garage to keep different screws, rawlplugs, nails and hooks in – so I can see clearly what I have.

Buy Microwave Containers >

  • Product Code: MICRO1
  • Product Code: MICRO2
  • Product Code: MICRO3
  • Product Code: MICRO4

Freezer Bags / Clear Bags

Another absolute must-have. These clear bags are great for storing food in dry stores, your fridge or your freezer.

Buy Freezer Bags >

  • Product Code: PB46
  • Product Code: PB57
  • Product Code: PB67
  • Product Code: PB79

Resealable Bags / Sandwich bags

Similar to our clear bags above, but these come with a self-seal strip and are great for picnics or trips. I even use these for holidays abroad.

Buy Resealable Bags >

  • Product Code: RB12
  • Product Code: RB23
  • Product Code: RB22
  • Product Code: RB33

Blue Roll

This is a real-life cheat. I have one of these rolls and dispensers in my garage, no more dirty rag stockpile, this is much tidier and handier.

Buy Blue Roll >

  • Product Code: CP195
  • Product Code: CP195Y
  • Product Code: CPDISP
  • Product Code: CP195W

Disposable Gloves

Another real-life cheat. I have a pack of these in my kitchen for when I am preparing food such as garlic and onions, washing up, using bleach or doing maintenance on my car.

Buy Disposable Gloves >

  • Product Code: GLOVE0Y
  • Product Code: GLOVE1Y
  • Product Code: GLOVE2Y
  • Product Code: GLOVE3Y

Tissues & Toilet Paper

Need I explain this? Essential.

Buy Tissues & Toilet Paper >

  • Product Code: TR4Y
  • Product Code: TR4
  • Product Code: TR3Y
  • Product Code: TR3

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

So much cheaper than buying shop-bought eco chemicals.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products >

  • Product Code: MULTI/B
  • Product Code: TOILET1
  • Product Code: HAND1
  • Product Code: BATH1

Foil Containers

For when I’m on one of my monthly cook-a-thons. Batch preparing food that I can then freeze, defrost in the fridge, then chuck straight in the oven!

Buy Foil Containers >

  • Product Code: FOILNO2
  • Product Code: FOILNO6A

Bin Bags

So much better than supermarket bin bags. You can also use these as rubble sacks for heavy garden waste.

Buy Bin Bags >

  • Product Code: DLEY
  • Product Code: WHEELIE
  • Product Code: DLQ
  • Product Code: DLQY

Party Bags / Paper Bags

For when the children come round for parties – or the adults want a doggy bag, I provide.

Buy Party Bags >

  • Product Code: TW78WHITE
  • Product Code: TBR78
  • Product Code: WC78
  • Product Code: BC78

Party Boxes / Goody Bags

These are great for when kids come round. Pack them a box and sit in the garden and eat – no messy house!

Buy Party Boxes >

  • Product Code: CPACK1
  • Product Code: CPACK1W
  • Product Code: CPACK2
  • Product Code: CPACK2W

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