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      Sturdy Lidded Footwear Packaging: Wholesale Tissue Paper and Decorated Gift Boxes for Shoes

      If you’re searching for sturdy, secure and wholesale footwear packaging to keep your shoes in good condition, look no further than our range of shoe boxes, provided in all sizes to suit both men and women’s sized shoes. When you’ve found the perfect shoe box, why not browse our colourful and eco-friendly range of tissue paper to ensure your shoes stay in perfect shape in the box? Our varied footwear packaging is a great choice for all businesses and individuals looking to keep their shoes safe and well-kept in both transit and storage.

      Shoe boxes in corrugated cardboard, kraft & white: Wholesale for both men and women’s shoe sizes

      After the time-consuming process of choosing materials, sizing up a shoe, cutting, stitching and creating the sole - not to mention quality control - it’s understandable to want to keep your freshly made shoes in perfect condition for their new owners to enjoy. When you’re looking for a shoe packing box, you’ll want to ensure that your choices reflect and protect the hard work you’ve put into your product. That’s why we offer materials from corrugated cardboard to kraft boxes to ensure that your shoes are packaged in a way that compliments the quality of the shoe. We offer shoe box sizes from women’s to men’s, ranging from small to large boxes to suit every shoe size.

      Eco-friendly tissue paper: options for recycled, acid free and colourful paper

      A shoe box isn’t the be-all end-all of shoe packaging: keeping your footwear secure and in shape is integral to thorough and secure packaging for shoes. Tissue paper is a great option to keep the shoes in place in their box, ready to be unpacked in perfect condition.

      With our extensive range of colourful acid free tissue paper, you can choose the best colour to match your shoes or package them in recycled paper to help showcase your eco-friendly practices. With wholesale bulk discounts, our tissue paper is perfect for safely packaging shoes, all while expressing their personality!

      Luxury gift boxes for boutique footwear: gold, black and cord handles

      Are you looking for something more decorative than cardboard? Browse our range of premium gift boxes perfect for boutique footwear and heels, decorated in black or gold with options for cord handles. We also offer custom printing for these boxes, allowing you to customise them according to your company’s needs.

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