A packaging company that cares about the planet. Impossible?

Since we first launched the business in the early 80’s, we have been mindful of the impact that packaging can have on the environment, and the impact a regular business can have, too.

UPDATE: Since writing this article, we launched our brand new range – where we have collected all our Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Environmentally Friendly Catering & Janitorial Supplies, and Environmentally Friendly Wrapping & Packing Materials.

We go to great lengths to try and minimise any impact we have on the environment, and it doesn’t stop when we clock out, either.

As a packaging company, we are well aware that recent attitudes towards packaging have shifted and are far more critical, which we think is understandable and we welcome the scrutiny, as it gives us the chance to show that we do actually care.

When you order from us and choose courier delivery, did you know the packaging we post all orders out in is totally recycled? Ever since day one, we have been visiting local businesses and asked for waste cardboard that is otherwise destined for landfil. We estimate in 35 years we have saved some 50 tonnes of cardboard from being wasted unneccesarily.

We have been using energy saving lightbulbs since before it was trendy, and don’t leave our lights on at night unlike other offices. Our heating only comes on if it is really cold.

In the staff kitchen for example, we have different bins for different waste and have had so since recycling was a thing.

We have even donated packaging and card to local schools, charities and organisations to stop it from being wasted.

Everyone here at The Bag N Box Man cares about the world we live in and the future we will leave for our children and beyond.

Our packaging is sourced locally too, with raw materials and suppliers in the UK preferred to overseas, in fact, we rarely deal with suppliers outside of the UK.

In our restrooms and kitchen we use environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals.

If you would like ot read more about our green credentials, please visit our Environmental Policy page where we may have other things that we did not mention in this post.

As ever, we are driven by our customers and the demand, and will continue to do so. We always listen to demand and are actively working on increasing our range to be even more environmentally friendly. Please keep an eye on our website for upcoming news on new product launches relating to this!

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