Black Friday Packaging Must-Haves

Black Friday is fast approaching – and if you need to order extra packaging then NOW is the time to act!

If you are in retail or sell physical goods to customers online or through a bricks-and-mortar store, you will most likely see a surge in customers on Friday, November 29th.

Packaging will be absolutely key to your productivity on this day. We have here a list of bags, boxes, wrapping, and packaging materials that you may wish to consider.

Don’t forget, we have NO minimum order restrictions, you don’t need an account with us and we have wholesale prices for everyone.

Essential Black Friday Bags

Carrier bags, grocery bags, clear bags, paper carrier bags, polythene bags and even a biodegradable carrier bag.

  • Product Code: EGUS10
  • Product Code: SCB06/BLACK
  • Product Code: C8BLACK
  • Product Code: TW10WHITE
  • Product Code: WB09
  • Product Code: FB09
  • Product Code: V19BIO

Essential Black Friday Boxes

Mail order corrugated boxes, product boxes, presentation boxes, gift boxes, letter box friendly boxes and even shoe boxes – a wide variety and all extremely useful.

  • Product Code: B12701Y
  • Product Code: SWB1
  • Product Code: SBK953
  • Product Code: B771SL
  • Product Code: NB333
  • Product Code: FF6
  • Product Code: A6BOXW

Wrapping & Packing Materials

If you are sending goods by post or courier, then you will certainly want to consider these items:

  • Product Code: BPW
  • Product Code: BPT4
  • Product Code: XZ92
  • Product Code: BNO20
  • Product Code: JIFF5Y
  • Product Code: CC400Y
  • Product Code: KR1
  • Product Code: B300Y
  • Product Code: CT2BK
  • Product Code: RAF9

Best of luck!

We hope this Black Friday and Cyber Monday is good for you and your business, and after this it’s switch on to Christmas mode!

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