Calling all potters!

The Great Pottery Throw Down has really captured our imagination at The Bag N Box Man, especially as there is a family connection.

Richard, the contestant from Banbury, is second cousin to Terry Andrews, the managing director. We’ve all been watching the show and were very pleased to see he won “pot of the week” last week! Good luck Richard, we’re all rooting for you.

From the BBC:

“The ten potters are set a number of tasks testing their skills (and patience) at the wheel and with different techniques. Each week they have to create the Main Make, which sees the potters produce a piece from slab of clay to glazed glory with every episode culminating in the reveal of the Main Make which the potters present straight from their kiln for judging.”

We love all things handmade here, we’ve got so many crafters, artists and small businesses as our clients, from potters to painters and everything in-between. And it’s not hard to see why.

We have a massive range of bags, boxes and packaging materials. Everything you need to store, display and transport your handmade items safely and uniquely.

If you’ve thrown some high class pottery like richard, you’ll probably be needing some of these..

Pottery products

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