Case Study: Pomme d’Or Gift Ideas

Pomme d’Or Gift Ideas – Bespoke White Window Gift Boxes

Inspired initially by an obsession with fragrance and with an Advanced Diploma in Skincare Design, Anne-Marie at Pomme d’Or set out to create a range of allergen-free vegan bath bombs which could rival those already on the market by their uniqueness, intricacy and in the charming way they’re presented.

Whilst Anne-Marie’s handmade bath bombs are often purchased by those looking for a little fun treat for themselves, they appeal greatly to people who are searching for gift ideas with individuality.

We made these delightful bespoke gift boxes for Pomme d’Or recently, and we think it makes their products look even better!

Pomme d’Or Gift Ideas

Their novelty bath products are displayed beautifully in a bathroom-friendly PET plastic jar and then presented in our custom made box. They have also added a luxurious looking gold sleeve to the range – which looks really fab! With all packaging being widely recyclable, it makes for guilt-free gifting.

Pomme d’Or Gift Ideas

This is perfect for displaying their products in a retail environment. You can just imagine this on the shelf of a boutique shop in a small market town, yet it would not look out of place in a national store either.

For more information on Pomme d’Or Gift Ideas and their range, visit their website >

What Pomme d’Or say about us:

“When I first decided to use white window box packaging for my bath bomb jars, I searched for ready-made flat-packed boxes. It became apparent very quickly that if I wanted my product to fit snugly inside, I would need something bespoke. I very nearly ruled out any kind of box packaging altogether at this stage as I was a small business, just starting out and presumed that a bespoke order would be far too costly and would not generate enough sales return to justify it. I also thought the minimum order would be far greater than I would ever need as a fledgling enterprise.

I’d previously purchased a small selection of clear display boxes from The Bag ‘n’ Box Man for a different project and thought it would be worth a quick enquiry about tailor-made white boxes. Communication was spot on. In no time at all I had a quote to my exact spec, with a good price and a manageable minimum quantity.

I took the plunge and ordered. They arrived in very quick time, perfectly uniform and were of excellent quality.

Nice packaging does make a big difference. My products are predominantly purchased as gifts and need to have eye-catching packaging which is widely and easily recyclable. Despite having a great and unique product, it can easily be lost in a sea of competitor merchandise. It needs to stand out from the crowd and these boxes have helped raise the profile of Pomme d’Or which has resulted in a welcomed increase in sales.

Taking the plunge paid off!

In an effort to challenge every detail of what I do until it’s perfect, I went back to The Bag ‘n’ Box Man recently for a repeat order with a slightly different position for the window aperture on the front of the box. This new positioning shows off the PET plastic product jar inside a little better. A relatively minor tweak but significant nonetheless. Again, well interpreted instructions gave me a new delivery of accurately modified boxes within a quick turnaround time.

The balance of working ‘on’ your business in comparison to working ‘in’ your business can be challenging. It’s satisfying and somewhat of a relief when you find a trusted ‘go to’ supplier.”

Custom Made Packaging

If you would like more information on our bespoke packaging products visit our custom packaging page or get in touch with us to discuss your project.

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