Catering and Janitorial Supplies - for home & business

Did you know that we not only stock bags and boxes – we also have an extensive range of Catering and Janitorial supplies.

We supply local businesses on our weekly free delivery round (minimum order applies) with anything from toilet paper to massive corrugated cardboard rolls.

Wholesale Catering and Janitorial Prices for Everyone

You do not need to be a local business to benefit from these products. We have a next-day delivery service available on all of our stock products too! And with NO minimum order restrictions – you do not have to be an account customer either – our great wholesale prices are available to anyone!

We supply cafés, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries, patisseries and delicatessens and other commercial kitchens with many of the essentials.

Many of our products last longer, are better quality, and even cheaper than most supermarkets!

Free Catering and Janitorial Supplies Deliveries to local businesses

Do you live, or operate a business in any of the following areas? With an easy-to-reach minimum order value we may be able to deliver to you on set days, free of charge! Get in touch with us today to discuss your options.

Catering and Janitorial Supplies

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