Cheapest Supplier of Clear Bags in the UK

Quite a claim - but based on our search parameters*, we are confident that we are the cheapest supplier of clear bags in the UK, for like-for-like products.

Our clear bags are available in quantities from as little as 100, meaning you don't need to buy entire caseloads to benefit from our great prices, and what's better is that you don't have to have an account with us, or be a business - these prices are for everyone! We even do discounts on case laods which again, are the cheapest in the UK.

Clear Bags Crimp Bags, Gusseted Bags, Cross Bottom Bags, Card-Based Bags and cellophane Bags! All in stock with no minimum order restrictions and super-fast-delivery.

These clear bags, made from polypropylene or a biodegradable material called Natureflex, are not subjected to the Plastic Packaging Tax as they are either plastic free, in the case of our biodegradable clear bags, or contain the required amount of recycled material without compromising on quality.

Did you know? Our bio clear bags are home compostable!

Speaking of quality, all of our clear bags are made in the UK and are strong and food safe. They stand head and shoulders above the cheap imports available on Amazon and eBay which simply do not compare on quality. Believe us, we've tried.

Buy Clear Bags now, and save money!

*Correct as at 19th August 2022 based on research from the top UK suppliers of like-for-like products.

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