Commercial Packaging

This week we take a look at the Commercial Packaging we offer.


As you will be aware we sell bags, boxes and general packaging, but did you know we also have a more commercial range. This is great for factories, warehouses and production lines in particular. Let’s take a look at the sort of things we have to offer…

Layflat Tubing LAYFLAT-300

Available in a range of widths and different strengths.

With this versatile layflat tubing, you can create your own bags to fit your products.

With a large selection of sizes and strengths, you can easily protect your products from water and dust for storing or transporting.

Simply insert the product into the polythene tubing and cut to the required length before heat sealing or taping the ends. We supply this type of tubing to powder coating industries looking for a flexible method to cover different lengths and also to a Company that make bespoke curtain rails, again it allows them the flexibility to package any length or width they have easily.

Pallet Covers Palletcover-300

We supply lots of these to factories and warehouses. There are occasions where you may need to store pallets outside, these are great for keeping the rain off your products.

Thick Polythene Covers 25 per roll

Do you need to store pallets of stock outside, do you need to protect your stock inside?

These good quality 400 gauge pallet covers are the ideal answer. Made from a good quality polythene, just pull them off a roll and use.

Banding & Strapping Blackstrap-300greenbandingclips

Whatever you need to wrap or pack your goods, we have a solution to suit. From metal banding, polyprop banding or polyester strapping.

All available in different strengths and sizes, we even sell clips and guns to use with them.

Bubble Wrap & Astro Foam largebubbleastrofoam

Small bubble, large bubble, narrow, wide … the choices are endless.

Plastic bubble wrap, often cheaper than DIY & garden stores. Astro foam rolls great for packing and protecting delicate surfaces.

We supply a lot of these to removal firms, automotive finishers and even pottery makers. It’s a great way to protect your good in transit. Our prices are very competitive and we have all sizes in stock.

Loose/Void Fill loosefillLoosefill-300

15 Cubic Feet Sack of Biodegradable Loose Fill Chips

For the protection of fragile or valuable products. We have this product in standard or bio degradable both for the same price.

This is a great way for protecting awkward shaped items, simply place them in a box, fill the surrounding void with loose fill chips and your item is safe and protected.

Pallet Wrap Palletwrap-300

One of the most highly used products in the warehouse industry, an easy and cost effective way to quickly wrap goods and secure items on pallets.

We have different strengths, widths and machine or handheld options available. We also have mini rolls for smaller businesses that want something handy to wrap smaller shipments.

Packing Tape customtapes

Whether you need clear tape, brown tape, fragile tape or even custom printed tape, we have them all.

We can supply you with one roll or at a bulk buy price a box. We have an option to suit all budgets and requirements.

Corrugated Rolls corrugatedroll

A great way to wrap your items for shipping.

Rolls of corrugated cardboard for packing.

Any length ordered will be supplied on a continuous roll of corrugated cardboard. Or you can take advantage of our BULK BUY and order an entire roll.

Great as protective packaging for fragile items in transit. We supply this to all types of industry from powder coaters needing something easy to separate sheets of powder coated metal to removal firms needing something tough to wrap goods in transit.

Bin Bags & Poly Liners rubble-builders-sacks-bags

A must have for all businesses. We all use bin bags at some point, some for the obvious (rubbish) and others to quickly cover and protect items being send out by courier.

Whatever you need we are bound to have an option to suit.

Centre Feed & Wiper Rolls bluehygiene

A must have for all workplaces, these are great at mopping up spills, wiping your hands, cleaning areas …. We supply lots of these to mechanics, warehouses, food outlets .. the list is endless.

We have various options, sizes and lengths available, all at great low prices.

A Little Extra HeavyDuty5l-300

We thought we would add this in anyway. We all use cleaning products whether your business is big or small.

We are the main stockist in the area for Cleenol Eco Products. A great range of cleaning essentials designed to be kind to the environment, while great at tackling all those cleaning jobs around the workplace.

When it comes to packaging, the options that are out there in the market place are endless.

We pride ourselves in stocking a massive range of packaging for the individual market trader, up to the large Company warehouses. We aim to supply the best price on the web, along with our reputation as a long standing (trading for 33 years) reliable supplier, we believe we offer great value for money.

We never quibble over quality, if you are not happy … we will sort it out. We run a large business and understand what it takes to make it run smoothly. We know that when you order from us, you expect it at the right price, delivered quickly and you want the product to do the job we sold it for.

We understand that sometimes you need something that’s not on our website, just give our friendly sales team a call and we will try and help you.

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