Essential Christmas Products for 2019

Some ideas to make your Christmas wrapping and packaging that little bit more special.

Shoe Boxes

These boxes are perfect as Christmas Appeal Boxes. Not only that, but if you want to have some consistency with your gift wrapping, you can put awkward shaped gifts into these boxes with lift-off lids and then you will be able to wrap them so much easier.

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Carry Boxes

Stunning little boxes with a carry handle. Great for gift items! These come in silver, black, gold and kraft brown.

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Christmas Lunch Boxes

These gorgeous Christmas boxes come in a few different styles and are perfect for childrens parties (or big children!).

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Brown Paper Bags

Not exactly Christmassy by design, but environmentally friendly AND easy for you to customise! Brown Paper Bags can be painted, rubber stamps, drawn on, written on, tassles and luggage tags tied to them – and so much more.

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