Free Round Box Samples

Round Boxes – product testers and reviewers wanted!

Are you in the UK and have a decent number of followers on instagram, twitter and facebook? Would you like to receive some free samples of our brand new product in return for telling your followers? Please complete the form below and we’ll be in otuch!

Round Wooden Boxes and Round Card Boxes

These round boxes come in plain white card or natural wood, so they are perfect for adding your own touch to them with ribbons, string, tags, labels, paint or whatever you fancy.

Use them to store or present your goods in, for a photoshoot, or even use them in your shop window with ribbon or other personalisation.

The sizes of the boxes vary, coming as small as 3cm tall by 5cm diameter, all the way up to 6.5cm tall and 14cm in diameter. An ideal round gift box size.

These round boxes stack inside each another to save on space for postage.

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