How to package your products this Easter

We have collated our top tips for packaging up your Easter goodies which includes a curated list of popular items from our range for you to shop ahead of the Easter festivities. You can also enquire about our custom options.

How to package your products this Easter
Image credit : @agisbakery using our clear lid boxes.

Pick your base

The first step in the packaging process is picking your base. This will be dependent on the type of product you wish to display. Read on for our top picks depending on your business category.

Top pick for eggs

To package up your chocolate eggs we would recommend a clear box or cardboard box base.
Shop Clear Boxes

Top pick for cakes

Check out our cupcake boxes available in a range of sizes and configurations.
Shop Cupcake Boxes

Top pick for biscuits

For biscuits, you will need a base that is sturdy but also shows off your product. Our shallow presentation boxes are perfect for this.
Shop Presentation Boxes

Top pick for hampers

For hampers to have enough room to display all of your wonderful products we recommend opting for our large cardboard or clear boxes.
Shop Cardboard Boxes

Choose your filler

To add to the user experience we recommend adding a form of tactile filler material. This can be anything from shredded paper to wood wool. The great thing about filler for your product is whilst being attractive, it will also help alleviate any unwanted movement in the box during transit.

Wrap it up in style

Finally you will want to finish off your package in style. For this you could use the traditional clear cellophane wrap with a ribbon which would be perfect for hampers. You could also use brown kraft paper with a fun coloured raffia ribbon.

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