Our Picks Of The Week

We know that things are really kicking up a notch across the board now that the festive season is nearly in full swing. To help kickstart your Christmas inspiration boards, we’re sharing what we’re passionate about - our products. At our core, we want to provide you with the best of the best, all whilst looking after our environment. So, we picked out three of our favourite products this week.

First up is the Brown Paper Bag. This bag offers a simple and easy way to store and distribute your products - all whilst being easy to recycle. There are plenty of sizes to choose from and, just like our other products, can be bought in smaller quantities.

Keeping the celebration theme going, our second pick of the week is the Window Cake Box. These boxes offer your customers a sneak peek on their delicious orders, and can easily be opened with the hinge. Arriving as flat packs, they won’t take up too much space in storage and are super easy to put together.

Our third, and final pick of the week is the Brown Gift Box. This brown box is recyclable, and its plain design leaves space for customising once it’s in your hands. Offering you the chance to add whatever you like onto your boxes once you’ve assembled it - bringing your brand to the front of your product.

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