Plastic Tax - Our Alternatives to Plastic

Do you want to avoid buying plastic? With the new plastic tax launching today we have rounded up our plastic alternatives for you to shop so you can avoid paying the new plastic packaging tax in the future.

Although we still stock plastic products, now may be the time to consider a more sustainable alternative for your business.

The plastics we currently stock are either A) products that have not yet got a realistic non-plastic alternative, or B) are already in our big sale whilst we phase out plastics in our business entirely.


Paper is widely recyclable and decomposes a lot faster than its plastic counterpart.

We use kraft paper derived from softwood timber pulp from Scandinavian and Northern European managed forest plantations where far more trees are planted than harvested.

This pulp yields a long fibre kraft which enables us to minimise the substance used to create our bags.

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Plastic bags take between 400 and 1000 years to decompose however they do take up less space in landfill than their paper partner.

We still have a limited supply of plastic bags available for purchase in a range of sizes.

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Cardboard: 86% is recycled, 10% is sent to landfill, and 7% is incinerated. . (Source: Ecobahn)

Our kraft gift boxes are produced in a 470 micron board, with recycled kraft on the outside, and white virgin on the inside and they are fully recyclable.

We have 22 sizes for you to shop on our website and they can be customised.

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Plastic: 40% is recycled, 30% is sent to landfill, and 30% is incinerated. . (Source: Ecobahn)

Although our kraft boxes are the more sustainable option it can be argued that plastic boxes are sturdier than cardboard boxes and last longer.

We have a variety of sizes of plastic boxes for you to shop on our website.

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Our eco friendly wooden cutlery range is made from fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable birchwood. They are fully food safe and a great alternative for single use plastic cutlery.

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Our plastic range of cutlery is food safe and super strong.

Everyone is aware that single use plastic is possibly one of the worst products for the environment. That being said we need to make sure we are using the products left to sell in a responsible way.

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