The Ten Best Products For Bakers and Cake Makers

We supply many bakeries, cafés, restaurants, pattisseries, independants and home-based cake makers and bakers with many products aimed at the hospitality and catering sector. Our prices are competitive and there is no minimum order!

Quite often we have people who are not cake makers or even in the catering profession add some of the items we mention below on to their order, so that they can benefit from wholesale prices! The product is better and lasts longer too. Our tin foil, baking parchment and cling films are regular add-ons, for example.

So, here we have the ten best products that we stock and supply to bakers and cake makers, in no particular order:

The best products for cake makers and bakers:

(1) Cake Boxes

We have over 24 different sizes and styles to choose from, with or without windows available in some sizes, and our cake boxes are superb for storing and displaying your finished product. Below is just a small sample of what we do.

Buy cake boxes online

  • Product Code: W633
  • Product Code: W124
  • Product Code: W16
  • Product Code: WW884

(2) Cupcake and Muffin Boxes

For cupcakes and muffins we have some great boxes, and they too are available in various colours and styles.

Buy cupcake and muffin boxes online

  • Product Code: cc1
  • Product Code: CC3
  • Product Code: CUPCK1

(3) Clear Gift Boxes

Our clear boxes come in 22 different shapes and sizes – we even have a clear pyramid box! These boxes may not be food safe – but using an additional barrier such as a food safe bag gives you the option to use the attractive, crystal clear gift boxes in a retail environment.

Buy clear gift boxes online

  • Product Code: TB77
  • Product Code: PYR1
  • Product Code: T1
  • Product Code: T73

(4) Clear Round Boxes

Our Clear Round Boxes have been extremely popular, as many cake makers on instagram simply cannot get enough of them! Here are some photos of our clear round boxes in use.

Buy Clear Round Boxes Online

Thank you to Tilly Flo’s Cakes and Three Bears Bakery for the use of their photos.

Clear Round Cake Boxes

Clear Round Cake Boxes

(5) Pizza Boxes

Many of our customers make tray-bakes, which they sell at fairs or online and then send them by post. Corrugated boxes are the best solution to this, and our pizza boxes are very popular with bakers! We can even print onto pizza boxes for you.

Buy Pizza Boxes Online

  • Product Code: B4855
  • Product Code: B77PRINT
  • Product Code: B12PRINT
  • Product Code: KB771SL

(6) Tin Foil, Baking Parchment and Cling Film

Buy Tin Foil, Baking Parchment and Cling Film online

  • Product Code: FILM12Y
  • Product Code: FOIL12Y
  • Product Code: PARCH12

(7) Cake Boards & Drums

Big thick cake drums or smaller, thinner cake board. From 6 inches to 12 inches.

Buy Cake Boards and Cake Drums online

  • Product Code: DRUM6
  • Product Code: DRUM7
  • Product Code: DRUM8
  • Product Code: DRUM9

(8) Disposable Baking Tray and Lid

A silicone baking tray and lid that is oven and freezer proof!

silicone baking tray

(9) Food Safe Bags

We have many different food safe bags – from polypropylene to cellophane to paper and lots in between. Below we show you just a small sample, our clear food bags, clear bags with a square base, cone bags and resealable bags.

Buy Food Safe Bags online

  • Product Code: CCB2
  • Product Code: GUS10
  • Product Code: RB12
  • Product Code: CBG1

(10) Janitorial Supplies

So many to choose from! We have latex gloves, blue centre-feed rolls, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, paper towels and counter wrapping sheets – and much more!

Buy Catering and Janitorial Supplies online

  • Product Code: DUPLEXBLUE
  • Product Code: CFOLDY
  • Product Code: GLOVE0Y
  • Product Code: WCFOLDY
  • Product Code: HAND2

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