The most popular products of July

The most popular products this month:

The tale of three boxes and a bag. The most popular products this month all have one thing in common: FOOD!

Number 1: White card box

This is possibly our smallest box. It’s made out of food safe card.

flat folding white carton gift box

Number 2: is it a bag or a box?

It’s a box – but often these are described as bags, believe it or not! Again, food safe – these food safe satchel boxes are perfect for displaying food such as sweets.

Kraft Window Boxes

Number 3: Clear Food Safe Gusseted Bag

This is the bag you need if you want a clear food safe bag. Previously, these bags were previously made from cellophane, hence the name “cellophane bags” but they are actually almost exclusively made from polypropylene.

GUS10 Food safe polypropylene gusseted bag

Number 4 – our smallest cake box!

Another food safe box, this time with a hinged lid – perfect for individual slices of cake.

cake, pastry, cupcake, and muffin box

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