UPDATE on shortgages, price rises, COVID and Brexit (March 2021)

Dear Customer

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic we have seen the demand for packaging across all of our ranges go through the roof. During the first lockdown especially, we experienced many shortages as businesses were finding new ways to adapt to the ever-changing restrictions; This resulted in an enormous increase in takeaway and mail order packaging in particular.

Across the board, packaging suppliers experienced shortages and The Bag ‘N’ Box Man was no exception. However, our team worked around the clock doing everything possible to keep up with demand, we found that supplies stabilised nationally towards the end of 2020.

However, following extended lockdown restrictions, more online sales, Christmas shopping, January sales and now of course Brexit, we are seeing national shortages in packaging materials once again. With customs and border bottle-necking, raw materials such as wood and paper pulp and general logistics are struggling to keep up with supply and demand.

Some of our suppliers are telling us that they are now experiencing issues.

We have been advised by manufacturers to expect price rises from anything between 2 and 20 percent across paper and plastic products. These increases will unfortunately have to be passed on to consumers. We will continue to do our very best to minimise the impact wherever possible and are proactively working with our suppliers on this.

Post-Lockdown Life

With lockdown due to ease over the course of the next few months, we are predicting that there may be another surge in demand as businesses prepare to re-open and welcome back their customers.

We certainly don’t want to encourage panic-buying or stock-piling, however we can’t stress enough how important it is to order your packaging supplies ahead of the online rush and any potential price increases. Not only will supplies be high in demand, but couriers may once again become stretched.

So please be sure to place your orders as soon as possible to avoid any delays or disappointment.

Back to ‘new normal’

We have put together a range of essential products to help you ease back into life after lockdown.

  • Product Code: ECORMLL
  • Product Code: WHITERMLL
  • Product Code: FACE3
  • Product Code: HAND2
  • Product Code: JIFF7Y
  • Product Code: LIFT1
  • Product Code: GLOVE1Y
  • Product Code: B631SL
  • Product Code: LKHL1BR
  • Product Code: KB121SL
  • Product Code: DIS5
  • Product Code: BC78

Or view the entire Back to ‘new normal’ collection right here

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