Are you a baker? We're about 66% cheaper than Lakeland!

We’ve been working with professional and hobby bakers for over 35 years. We’ve just done some comparrison against our competitors, and we were staggerred to find that we’re so much cheaper than many of them, in one particular case we were 66% cheaper than Lakeland* (and in one example; over 85% cheaper!) for our cake boards and cake drums. We’re not just cheaper on one product either. On many of our products were cheaper than your local supermarket AND wholesaler.

You can’t afford not to check our prices out.

Massive Price Drops

We’ve also made some price drops on our Cake Boxes and Cupcake and Muffin Boxes. As an example, our 6, 7 and 8 inch cake boxes have dropped in price by over 30% each.

Cake Makers Supplies

If you’re a cake maker, baker, patisier or work in the food industry, check out our massive range of products – or click below to view cake makers supplies:

Cake Makers Supplies >

*In the example mentioned; our 10 inch cake board costs 52 pence for a single board, and Lakeland charges £1.49. This means we are about 66% cheaper. If you were to buy in bulk from us and order 250 of this size, we are suddenly over 85% cheaper than Lakeland, at just 26 pence each!

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