We Are Still Here!

We’re still here!

We help many businesses such as artists, makers, crafters and jewellers – as well as cafés, restaurants, offices and warehouses. Even local authorities and charities – during this crazy time. We can help you too.

See our most popular products below:

Free Postage

We have extended our free postage special offer, use the code below at checkout for up to £7.95 off the cost of postage, on orders over £75.


There is some small print but nothing sneaky >

Our Most Popular Products

  1. Cling Film, Aluminium Foil and Baking Parchment
    1. We stock this and it’s better, longer, stronger and cheaper than your local supermarket. Avoid queuing and buy online
  2. Toilet Paper
    1. We have a great budget option in 2-ply and a luxury 3-ply
  3. Catch It & Bin It – SALE
    1. We have hundreds of tissues boxes for sale, and they’re going cheap! Order a case of 24 and save even more money
  4. Carrier Bags
    1. Cheap & cheerful!
  5. Pizza Boxes
    1. From 5″ all the way up to 18″!
  6. Microwaveable Takeaway Containers
    1. Similar to those seen in local takeaways, these are great if you are running your own food outlet or need a cheap storage option for the home
  7. Fish and Chip Boxes
    1. Currently flying out the door – high in demand but we still have plenty!
  8. Paper Carrier Bags
    1. In a budget flat-handle version or a more premium twisted handle
  9. Foil Containers
    1. Freezer and oven proof

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