We now stock all your household essentials

We now stock all the household essentials, at wholesale prices.

If you ever go to your local supermarket for your household supplies (who doesn’t?) then stop what you are doing. You are wasting your money.

We stock a wide range of household supplies, from envirological cleaning chemicals to cling film. All of our products serve the catering and janitorial industry and the products are usually, if not always, better than what you can get at your local shops.

For example, our cling films, tin foil, and baking parchment rolls are thicker, stronger, longer and far better than branded or own branded products. You’ll get far more for your money when you buy from us.

We are cheaper than supermarkets!

Yes, the rolls work out a tiny bit more expensive in the first instance – but that is because you get far more on a roll. The price per metre is the important factor to consider here, and in every aspect we are cheaper than the supermarkets.
Prices correct as of June 25th 2019 and do not include special offers

Product Tesco Morrisons Sainsbury’s The Bag N Box Man
Tin Foil 30m x 300mm
£3.40 per roll
11p per metre
10m x 300mm
10m x 300mm
75m x 300mm
Up to 13p cheaper per metre!
Cling Film 75m x 350mm
£2.50 per roll
3p per metre
25m x 350mm
40m x 350mm
300m x 300mm
Up to 3.7p per metre cheaper!
Baking Parchment 15m x 370m
£2.40 per roll
16p per metre
10m x 380mm
10m x 380mm
50m x 300mm
Up to 15p per metre cheaper!

Make a small change. Add these items to your next order

This is just a small sample of where we really are cheaper than your local supermarket. Not only are we cheaper, but the product is better in almost every aspect.

You don’t need to be a business or have an account with us. These products are available to all!

Read how these products are used at home by a former chef – who swears by these products over any of the options supermarkets have.

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