Fragile Item Packaging


      Safe Packaging for Fragile Items: Recyclable, Eco-Friendly and Wholesale

      Shipping fragile products can be a risky process, particularly when the products you're shipping are of high value. Given this, you’ll want to ensure that your items are secure in transit and protected from any possible breakages, cracks or chips. When you’re looking for the perfect packaging to make certain your product arrives intact, it’s important to pay attention to the quality of the materials you’re using. Our packaging for fragile items ranges from bubble wrap to corrugated cardboard, fragile tape and wood wool. With our extensive range, you’re guaranteed to find the packaging best suited to your needs.

      Recyclable and eco-friendly wholesale packaging materials: corrugated cardboard and wood wool

      When packaging mugs, china, glass and other decorative items, fragile packaging such as shredded corrugated cardboard and wood woolare excellent recyclable and eco-friendly options for keeping your products safe on the road. We provide shredded options for corrugated cardboard, allowing you to package items of any shape or size securely by fitting filler into all unfilled gaps inside the box. Cardboard and wood wool can also be recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly and biodegradable way, minimising your carbon footprint. Options like wood wool are also aesthetically pleasing, and work well for artisan products and displays in product boxes - all while cushioning your products!

      Cushioning options for packaging fragile items: bubble wrap sheets and void fill

      When looking for secure packaging options for breakable products, why not browse our wholesale range of bubble wrap, astro foam, and loose and void fill? We offer bulk discounts on our packaging, allowing you to stock up on safe and secure packaging options in order to avoid untimely breakages in transit. Our void and loose fill can fit into any dangerous gaps in your packaging to prevent the item rolling around, while our bubble wrap and astro foam sheets wrap around your product and soften the impact of any hard knocks on the box.

      Padded envelopes for brooches and small breakable items

      Is your product too small for a box? Browse our range of padded envelopes lined with cushioning bubble wrap to keep flat and small objects safe and protected on the road. The size of the envelope and the padding of the bubble wrap is guaranteed to prevent unnecessary and risky movements in transit.

      "Fragile" tape for marking fragile packaging boxes

      Once you’ve packed your breakable items safely, it’s time to let their handlers know to treat them gently. There’s no better way to do this than with our fragile tape, used to seal and mark fragile boxes so that couriers will be careful with your products.