Aluminium Foil
Aluminium Foil

Aluminium Foil


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DID YOU KNOW: This is the same foil that "proper chefs" use. AND it's cheaper than Amazon, Tesco and Sainsbury's! - per metre that is, and it's thicker!

Our aluminium foil is supplied in a tamper-proof carton to prevent contamination and to enable easy use. Using foil avoids the risk of cross contamination from unwrapped, stored food. Wrapping food in foil helps to keep it fresh and allows for greater flexibility in menu preparation.

Ideal for roasting; this catering foil ensures that food is cooked whilst retaining moisture and flavour.

Aluminium foil provides greater protection from freezer burn, simply cover food prior to freezing for the best protection.

  • Large rolls, last much longer than supermarket own-brands
  • Heavier product weight means easier tearing
  • All products guaranteed chefs quality
  • Indispensable in kitchens, canteens, cafes, and restaurants
  • Fits in most kitchen drawers and roll holders

We also have cling film, greaseproof paper, and baking parchment.

Image is for illustration purposes only as we sometimes switch suppliers for a like-for-like product to save you money.

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