Polythene Bags on a roll

Polythene Bags on a roll

Sold in rolls of approximately 250 bags

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Clear poly bags for shipping & preserving perishables

Our transparent polythene bags have very low permeability, preventing air and contaminants from reaching the food inside and ensuring that grease can’t be absorbed into the bag. This makes them perfect for extending the shelf life of longer-lived items such as nuts, seeds and rice. If you’re looking for packaging to protect and preserve your products during shipping or storage, our polythene bags are the perfect choice for you!

Bags to protect supplies from dust & damage in warehouses

Warehouses can be dusty places, and hardware supplies are vulnerable to accumulating dust and rust from their environment. If you’re looking for an easy solution to protect your tools and supplies from dust and damage, our poly bags are a great way to quickly and easily package and store your items while also keeping them on hand and ready to use.

Wholesale & bulk buy options for clear plastic bags

If your business is looking for all-purpose clear plastic bags that can be used for packaging anything from office supplies to food, our wholesale and bulk buy options allow you to stock up on large numbers of polythene bags at a great price. This makes our clear poly bags the perfect choice for small businesses!

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